Access the service from your domain

If you're a company or a reseller, you may want your users to access the service without having "" showing up. Domains under Premium Plus plans have that ability.

  1. Add a CNAME record

    Login to your domain provider and add this CNAME record in the DNS editor.

    Host / Name Value

That's it! Once the new record has propagated you'll be able to:

  • Access the webmail from
  • Access SMTP, POP, and IMAP mail servers from, in place of in mail client settings.
  • Use in DNS MX records and autoconfiguration records, in place of

And yes, everything still works over SSL/TLS. 🙂

Please note that for SMTP only port 465 (implicit TLS) is available in this way. Port 587 (STARTTLS) is not. Implicit TLS is the recommended standard anyway.

Premium Plus users can also customize the branding of both the webmail and the admin panel, as part of the white labeling feature (e.g. brand name, logo, ...).