The SPF Record Explained

If you’re here you’ve probably been asked to configure your domain SPF record while setting up a business email address. If you’re not sure what that is, you’re in the right place! In this post we’ll explain what the SPF record is, and how to set it up correctly. What Is an SPF Record SPF is one of the most important DNS records for emails. An SPF record specifies which mail servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of a domain name. SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. SPF is, in essence, a way for domain owners to protect […]

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The MX Record Explained

What Is an MX Record Did you have to set your domain MX record at some point when creating a business email address but didn’t understand it well? In this post we’ll explain what an MX record is and how to set it up. The MX record is a type of DNS record. Don’t know what’s a DNS record is? We cover that fully in our post DNS Records Explained, but in two words: it’s a domain name setting. Specifically, the MX record is the DNS record specifying which mail service your domain name is using for its emails. MX […]

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DNS Records Explained

What Are DNS Records If you own a domain name, you may have heard about DNS records. You may have even had to modify or create some. Let’s understand what these DNS records are all about. A DNS record is a piece of text served by a DNS (Domain Name System) server and providing some information about a domain name. When a program has to interact with a domain name, it first queries a DNS server to retrieve information needed for the interaction. Often, that’s the domain IP address. DNS records have types, designated by a few uppercase letters. Listing […]

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