Top 7 Best Mail Apps in 2022

So you’ve got your business email addresses running, but you wonder what are the best mail apps to use them on? Well, stop searching and get yourself comfy. In this post we have selected for you what we think are the top 7 best mail apps in the galaxy as of 2022. Let’s bring the […]

How to Use Your Domain Email Address on Free Gmail

Gmail is a fantastic mail client, with a powerful UI and a ton of options. A lot of people use it not only for their address, but also for their professional email address, completely for free. No paid Google Workspace account needed. In this quick guide we’ll see how that can be achieved in […]

Emma Emma

How to Create a Business Email Address for Free in 3 Easy Steps

Have you been trying to create a domain email address and find the process cumbersome and/or the service unreliable? Have you had difficulties doing it for free or at a low cost while still having all the basic features anyone needs like the ability to use any mail app? Well, you’re not alone! I have […]